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Margaret Pratt Foundation Website Credits

About the Margaret Pratt Foundation website project:

“I am delighted with the look and easy navigation of our new website. It has brought us into the 21st Century with a fresh and innovative look. If you are considering a re-vamp of your existing website you cannot go past the team at Lcubed"
Margaret Pratt
MPF (Founder)
"Congratulations Lcubed - the re-vamped web site is beautifully easy to use and the information presented in logical sections. Love it"
Ann Cohn
Margaret Pratt Foundation Committee Chairperson
Project Timeline:
Requirement 4 weeks

Project elements:
  • Content Management System
  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Website Content
  • Online Forms
Special requirements:
  • Project delivery in time for newsletter publication
  • Ability to receive donation information via an online form
  • Make the website more search engine friendly
Website Development and Design by:
Lcubed specialises in the provision of web-based marketing and communications solutions. The team at Lcubed have been working in the customer intelligence, marketing and IT arena since the late eighties. Taught and enabled by these years of challenging IT projects we now concentrate on no nonsense, efficient, structured and documented delivery of web and new media projects.

“In basic terms our mission is to help web marketers and entrepreneurs make the most out of their available budgets. We do this by intelligent technology selection and in depth understanding of the online world”

Luke Farley
Founding Director Lcubed

Community Work:
Lcubed has assisted a number of not-for-profit, charitable organisations (such as the Margaret Pratt Foundation) and community groups with their websites and online communications activities.

For these groups use of the web and internet is a key strategy as it can significantly reduce the overall cost of communications to large numbers of potential donators and providers.

Lcubed continues to provide pro-bono support to these groups and will consider applications from charities for help in this area. Please contact us if you wish to know how we can help.

Lcubed was recently recognised by the Lord Mayor John So for its donation to the Melbourne Boston Sister Cities Association.

Project Team credits:
The Director: Margaret Pratt
The Project Manager: Karen Trapani
The Web Designer: Alan Carabott
The Web Developer: Jason Mun

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