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President's Message

Welcome to the second edition of The Margaret Pratt Foundation Heart Lung Transplant Trust Newsletter.  Well what a year it has been since our last newsletter!

In this edition we update you on our fundraising events and major donations received. You will meet Dr Nonni Reed,  Dr Tanya McWilliams updates us on her research and for all you wine lovers, Tallarook Wines have a special offer for all supporters of The Margaret Pratt Foundation.

The first of the Candlelight concerts, featuring Duo Sol, was held on November 15th 2001.  Due to a setback with yours truly, we were unable to go ahead with the concerts scheduled for 2002.  However the second Candlelight concert is planned for February 2003.

In August last year I was diagnosed with Chronic Rejection of the lungs. As you will be aware, the Foundation donates the majority of its funds towards research into organ rejection. At first it was thought that I would respond to medication but despite all treatment strategies, my lung function continued to deteriorate to the point where a second transplant was my only hope of survival.  Once again the brilliance and dedication of the surgical, medical and nursing staff saved my life yet again.  I also thank my very special Donor Family for their gift of life.  Despite a few setbacks I am now on the road to recovery and have even more determination to encourage research into Chronic Rejection that affects 50% of lung transplant recipients within three years of their operation.

Special thanks go to the Event Committee for 'holding the fort' during my illness.  Their dedication and support to the Foundation and myself is evident in the hard work they have put into the events this year.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. We give a warm welcome to Libby Douglas, Mary McCarthy and Marcella Zemanek who join us as Committee members.  Thanks go to Jenny Grogan for putting the Newsletter together and to all of those who have contributed articles.

As Christmas approaches, spare a thought for all those waiting for a heart or lung transplant and for those who may be suffering from rejection or other post-transplant complications.  Transplantation allows a person suffering from end-stage organ failure to lead a healthy normal life.  The threat of rejection however is always a present fear. It is vital that research into rejection continues. Our target for 2003 is to raise $65,000 - this will go directly to the Lung Transplant Research team.

I thank you for your generous contributions to the Margaret Pratt Foundation.  This ensures that the important research can continue so as to improve outcomes for heart/lung transplant recipients.

I wish each and every one of you a peaceful, safe and healthy Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I look forward to your continued support during 2003.

Margaret C Pratt


Our target for 2003 is to raise $65,000. A lot of dedication and hard work by the Foundation's "volunteer" Committee enables The Margaret Pratt Foundation to achieve its mission.

We receive no government funding so we rely on your donations to help fund our vital work.  This can only be realised through your continued support.  You can help us reach our goal by attending functions and introducing others to The Margaret Pratt Foundation.

I encourage you to contribute generously to this appeal.  While we all enjoy the joy of Christmas, think of those due to ill health who will not be having such a great time.

Thankyou To Our Generous Donor
Our heartfelt thanks go to the family, who wish to remain anonymous, for their extremely generous donation of $10,000 to The Margaret Pratt Foundation.  This money has gone directly to the Lung Transplant Programme.


Rotary gives to Heart and Lung Transplant Research

Some time ago I addressed the members of The Rotary Club of Camberwell. After the formalities and dinner was over, I spoke about my own experience of transplantation and talked about the work and goals of The Margaret Pratt Foundation.  As a result Camberwell Rotary have kindly donated $500 to assist the Foundation in furthering its endeavours.


Revisiting My School Years

On November 16th 2001 I returned to my school, Loreto Mandeville Hall. This time however, I was not sitting at a desk.  I was facing the Year 11 students to talk to them about my lung transplant and my struggle with lung rejection. 

A forty year old woman talking about her health problems is not an exciting topic for fifteen and sixteen year olds, so I based my story on facing and dealing with challenges that will meet them throughout their lives.

I was also pleasantly surprised to meet up with one of my Year 10 teachers, Ms Marie Brown. It was Marie who organised my visit to Mandeville along with Lesley Gillespie.  Many thanks to the Year 11s for their kind donation to The Margaret Pratt Foundation.

Report on 2002 Events


This function was held to both thank our supporters and to introduce new people to the foundation.  On Thursday 7th March 2002, a cocktail party was held in the garden of Mandy and Peter Lugg's beautiful home, "Roslyn" in Hawthorn.

It was a fine, although cool evening.  Approximately eighty people enjoyed cocktails and finger food.  Margaret, still recuperating from her second transplant, was unable to attend.  Tony Pratt ably stepped in to read her prepared speech, informing all present that the Foundation's scholarship holder, Dr Tanya McWilliams had received governmental support to enable her to complete her PhD.  Tanya outlined the nature of her research and then set free red balloons that symbolise transplant recipients.

A Bewitching Evening

A great night of entertainment was enjoyed by all that attended The Witches of Eastwick on September 17th.  Fifty-five supporters of The Margaret Pratt Foundation were entertained by the all-singing and dancing cast featuring Marina Prior and Paul McDermott in this rather risqué and fun musical.  Watch for the next Theatre night to be held in 2003!!!

The Phantom India

Thursday 18th October 2001 was the night when friends and work colleagues got together over a tasty Indian feast and forgot about the calories, as it was for a good cause.  For those who are not aware, Mr Bhupi Singh, owner of the restaurant met Margaret when he attended cardiac rehabilitation at the Austin Hospital.  In gratitude for his recovery from heart surgery, Bhupi kindly allowed the foundation to have a fundraising dinner.

Guest speaker Jane Fletcher gave an insight to the effects of lung rejection, reminding us as to why we were there - thank you, Jane.  As Margaret was unable to attend the night, thanks go to Meredith Doery who spoke on her behalf.

With an abundance of food and a great deal of laughter, I'm sure everyone there would agree it was a great night.  Pauline Coulton was lucky enough to win the raffle and got to take home the bottle of Moet.  Thank you Cindy Watson for donating the champers.  Thanks go to Carol and Harold Draper who, after attending the dinner, donated $385.  This money was raised as a result of a Melbourne Cup Day fundraiser by three Masonic Lodges.

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